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Hedge betting

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Hedge betting

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Hedge Betting Calculator can only be used with fixed odds. Hedge Betting Calculator displays how much to bet on each odd for hedging purposes, the win value if the bet wins and the total of all bets. Hedge Betting Calculator can be used to calculate a single bet involving a desired win or can include up to 2 hedging bets.

Single Win format calculates the first odds to win and hedge. Any other odds are hedge only. Hedge bets return total bet only. Multi Win format calculates all odds to win and hedge. If any of the bets are negative, that group of odds cannot be used together. Delete the lowest odds and recalculate. Continue the process until all bets are positive. Hedge Betting Calculator only takes decimal odds.

Tapping the Convert button initiates conversions and saves the input values. To clear inputs permanently, tap Clear All then tap Convert and the empty states will be saved. In both Single and Multi Win, tapping the Calculate button saves the input values and calculates the bets, returns and total bet.

Each Bet belongs with the Odds from which it was calculated. If the user decides not to place one or more of the calculated bets, the calculations will be wrong for all bets.

Описание для Hedge Betting Calculator

To quickly delete a bet, tap the appropriate Delete Bet button beside the bet then recalculate. Hedge Betting Calculator calculates bets to the nearest two decimal places and it is unlikely that this value could be bet. The Actual button takes you to the screen where the user will choose their actual bets. Adjusted bets are entered over the calculated bets and the results are displayed by tapping the Calculate button.

If the user is unsatisfied with the results, they can return to the previous screen and make changes.

Both Single Win and Multi Win formats can be used with odds from different events, sports or any activity where fixed odds are given. By doing this, the user gains access to the possibility that more than one of the bets in the group can win. The Bets must be placed on the Odds from which they were calculated.

Hedge Betting Calculator calculates winning and hedging bets giving both Single 1x ставка Multi Win options from 1 to 3 bets. Hedge betting Calculator Pro calculates winning and hedging bets giving both Single and Multi Win options from 1 to 8 bets. Hedge Betting calculator Pro2 calculates winning and hedging bets giving both Single and Multi Win options from 1 to 15 bets. Always consider that, if none of your bets win, you will lose the Total Bet amount.

Records trace gambling in Japan back at least as far as the 69th century. We wish to only offer you a safe and a friendly gaming experience that abides by the highest standards of the industry. Ресурсы чтобы размещения пруд Пиннакл содержат одну изо преимущественно полных коллекций экспертных рекомендаций до размещению став онлайн.

hedge betting

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